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FeedBee is the analytics platform for your newsletter. Readers can give you feedback with a single click. Get NPS scores and actionable feedback directly from your readers.

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Here's how we make receiving user feedback easier and more precise.

Clean Inbox

No more reader feedback cluttering your inbox. Instead, all of the feedback will come to you at the interval of your choice.

Single Click Feedback

Get user feedback with just one click. Readers votes will be logged and then will be taken to a qualitative survey with questions of your choice.

Easy to Use

All you have to do is copy and paste links provided by FeedBee to the footer of your newsletter and wait for the responses to roll in.

Quality Analytics

Your reader's responses will become insightful analytics that come in the form of easy to understand graphs and tables emailed to you at the interval of your choice. These analytics show how each edition performed, as well as how your newsletter is progressing over time.

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